Children’s Poetry Competition 2022

We are delighted to announce the winning poets from the 2022 Magic Daisy Children’s Poetry Competition!

45 winners, aged between 4 and 11, were chosen to have their poems featured in a brand new book, Marvellous Minds, which is available to buy from Amazon.

The winning poems also feature below with an audio recording by judge Charlie Bown. Charlie said,

“The thing that struck me most when reading the entries was a sense of awe at how beautifully young people capture the important things happening in our world. 

There are wonderful poems in this collection which make us think about the environmental impact we are having on the world. There are poems about friendship, kindness and nature. 

Poems which send shivers down your spine and giggles to your belly. Each poem in the collection sang of childhood – both the joyful and serious nature of being a child.”


“My son loved everything about The Magic Daisy children’s poetry competition. He enjoyed writing his poem, was thrilled when the e-mail came saying it would be in an actual book, then to hold the book in his hands was another level of excitement! He performed his poem in school assembly and asked me, “Am I a real poet?!”. It has been a positive experience all round, and lovely to see how proud he is of himself. Thank you, Magic Daisy, and Charlie Bown for choosing his poem. We are working our way through the other poems in Marvellous Minds, thinking about all those other budding poets all around the world!”

M Little, mum of a 4-year-old published poet.

“I just wanted to say that the poetry competition led to one of my students having her poem published. She brought the book in today and she was so proud of herself. She read it in front of the assembly. Just thought I’d give you an insight into the difference you’ve made.”

A.Price, teacher of one of our winners

“My daughter was absolutely delighted to hear the good news and it has given her the confidence boast she needed. Thank you so much. She loves to express her feelings through poetry, which is absolutely wonderful.”

Parent of one of our winners

I am…
The Colours of Nature
My Favourite Things

This is Me!
Oh Star, Oh Star
Snowplough War
Peach Tree
The Rainbow Animals
The Plastic Menace
Pattern Poem
My Life

How February Got A Leap Year
A Batch of Goodies
Summer is Here
Terrors of the Haunted House

This is Me
The False Friend

The Emotional Rollercoaster
Butterfly Race


Family Forever

The Leaf

The Candy Zoo



The Ashes of the World

Four Seasons

The Easter Poem

Together at Last

Lawful Lockdown

A Bad Day for a Dinosaur

Spring has Sprung

Sad Earth

Nightwing Dragon
The River of Caution


The Cycle of Life

A Heart for Animals

March in March

All Types of Weather

A Star in the Night