Frequently asked questions

Q. I’ve written a book. Can you help me?

A. Of course! We can help you proof read your work and offer editorial advice.

Q. I am happy my book is the best it can be. I want to self-publish it but don’t know where to start. Can you help me?

A. Of course! You can check out some of the options available to you in our Publishing section.

Q. Can you publish my book for me?

A. Yes. We can design the cover and publish your book under the Magic Daisy Publishing brand. We would use Amazon to print your book.

Q. Does that mean I can only sell my book on Amazon?

A. Your book will be available on Amazon and from the Magic Daisy Bookshop. You can also buy copies of your book (print cost only) and sell them yourself.

Q. Will you help me promote my book?

A. You will have an author page on the Magic Daisy Publishing website and we will promote your work on our Facebook page and Twitter. But the best person to sell your work is you! We can help you by discussing a plan of how you can promote your work.

Q. How much will this all cost me?

A. We’ve been where you are. All we ask is that you consider making a donation to the Magic Daisy Ko-fi Fund. If you would like copies of your book to sell yourself then you would simply pay the printing and postage costs.

Q. I have already self-published my book. Can you help me?

A. You can still have an author page and we would love to stock and promote your book or offer advice on how to market your work. Feel free to get in touch!