Charlie Bown does not own a dog called Snoopy. She writes poetry and stories for young children, as well as lists. She loves lists.

Charlie loves playing and being silly – with words and in real life. She has vast experience working with children and is a qualified playworker, childminder and teacher who specialised in supporting children with SEND. Charlie has taught creative writing courses for adults before. Adults are often not as good at being silly as children, so it wasn’t quite as much fun.

She has two hilarious children who wear pants on their heads and put wellies in the washing machine and a wonderful husband who also loves language and literature. Her favourite things are mice, Meatloaf (the singer), musical theatre and mash potato. Not always in that order and not always at the same time.

Charlie is excited about sharing her work and establishing herself as a writer in the big world and not just the playground world of colour and fun that exists in her imagination.