Born shortly after the war, M S James grew up in the 50s and 60s and married in 1970. After school she went to music college in London and subsequently trained to be a teacher. Her career paused mid 70s when first her son arrived and then her daughter. During the 80s she went to Saudi Arabia with her husband and children and carried on teaching there. In the 90s until 2006 she was Head of Art at a Prep School in Cambridge. Since then she has travelled widely and continued her involvement in music and art.

No Way Home is Maggie’s debut novel, published by Matador in 2020. Magic Daisy is proud to represent Maggie and stock her novel, which is available to buy online from the Magic Daisy Bookshop as well as Amazon and Troubador. Visit Maggie’s author website here for more information.


When Kate Thomas travels to Saudi Arabia with her young son and daughter to join her architect husband who is already working there, she lands a teaching post in a dysfunctional private school for Muslim expatriates. Facing a battle against administrative lunacy and a dearth of teaching materials, Kate must rely on her ingenuity to educate her pupils. On top of all that, daily life in Saudi proves to be a steep learning curve where dangers appear from unforeseen quarters…

An unexpected invitation to a Saudi wedding brings an intriguing insight into the local culture a new perspective on her surroundings. However, on a family expedition into the desert a sandstorm strikes. The day turns to disaster as Kate’s small daughter is swept away and a frantic search ensues.

Will the desert sand clear and return her to her family?