Short Story Competition

Magic Daisy Publishing is running a very special short story competition for Primary aged children. Two winners (one from EYFS/KS1 and one from KS2) will have their short stories published in their very own book. The stories will include original illustrations by the fabulous Chell Haizel.

We are thrilled to say that EVERY SINGLE ENTRY FEE OF £4 will go directly to the Safe Haven for Caitlin cause. We are delighted that alongside the Magic Daisy Team, Caitlin herself will be helping to choose the winning stories. ALL PROFITS from the sales of the winning books made via the Magic Daisy Publishing Bookshop, will also go directly to the cause.

Find out more about Safe Haven for Caitlin here.

See our Frequently Asked Questions below and then enter the competition here:

Frequently Asked Questions

How many stories can I enter?

You can enter as many as you like. But each story will need a separate £4 entry fee.

Who can enter?

You can enter if you are aged 11 years or younger.

How long do I have to write my story?

Your story needs to be sent to us by midnight on 31st July 2022.

Do I have to write it in a special way?

Your story needs to have a title.
EYFS/KS1 word limit is 250 words.
KS2 word limit is 1000 words.

You don’t have to write that many words, but you mustn’t be over the word limit.
Please type it in a font that we can read clearly. We recommend Arial or Times New Roman and size 12 is good. 

What should my story be about?

It can be about anything you like! There is no theme for this competition so you can write about anything (but if it’s too rude then it probably won’t get chosen – so no swear words please!)

How can I think about ideas for my story?

Think about things that make you happy, or sad, or angry, or excited. Perhaps a favourite pet or someone in your family could inspire a story. Maybe a funny situation that happened to you or a time when you had to face a fear could give you an idea. Stories can come from anywhere! If you’re still stuck for ideas then try reading someone else’s story (but remember not to copy anyone else’s story – the story must be your own work).

How long can my story be?

EYFS/KS1 word limit is 250 words.
KS2 word limit is 1000 words.

What language can I write in?

English, please. We would love to accept stories in different languages but we need to make sure our story judges are all able to read all the stories. If you’d like to share a story in another language we’d love to read it, but it can’t be entered into this competition. 

Can someone help me write my story?

Your story must be your own work. But you might like to read your story to your family and friends and hear if they like it. Good writers often share their work to get feedback, but the story must be written by you. If you have a great idea for a story but you don’t know how to write yet, then you can tell your story to a parent or guardian and they can write it down for you. 

Do my parents need to know I’m entering the competition?

Yes. Your entry must be sent by a parent or guardian, using their email account – this is just to make sure we are all staying safe online.

I already wrote a story that was published in a book. Can I use the same one?

No. Please don’t send a story which has already been published somewhere else. Have fun writing a new one!

What happens if I win?

One winner from the EYFS/KS1 age group and one winner from the KS2 age group will be chosen. The winning stories will be published by Magic Daisy Publishing and printed by Amazon. The book will be available to buy from The Magic Daisy Bookshop (all profits from these sales will go to Safe Haven for Caitlin) and will also be available on Amazon. The winners will receive one free copy of their book.